In Memory of Frank

Francis Gerard Anthony "Frank" Giamartino, owner of the Hotel Pharmacy, died June 19, 2006.

Although the physical presence of Frank is no longer with us, his spirit will live on within the peoples' lives that he influenced and hearts that he touched.

To honor the man that was Francis Giamartino, I wanted to build this Memorial Page, so that we all might be able to reflect upon his life from time to time. My task was made simple - there have been volumes of words written about Frank since his passing - all I had to do was collect those writings, and publish them here for you to read. I hope you will find them comforting, and I hope they might help you to better understand the truly incredible gift that was Frank Giamartino.

We will miss you dearly, Frank.


Slideshow / photos of Frank:
If you attended Frank's wake, you were witness to an incredible photo-retrospective of Frank's life. I was able to post all those wonderful photos here on the website. There are 500 photos in the following slideshow. The photos have been scaled down to fit the restrictions of a website (ie: they are not printable quality), but they are here for all to view and enjoy. The photos will come up in a random order each time you visit the site.



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